Would you like to take your game to the next level?

I offer poker coaching to beginners, casual players and serious amateurs.

Choose from private or group instruction, in person or via the internet/Skype/Facetime.

If you are in Las Vegas, join the next series of small group “live poker labs” where students play and interact in simulated play scenarios that focus on specific topics to improve one’s no-limit hold’em poker game.  Or, form your own group (minimum 4 people) and I’ll present custom Live Labs on a topic of your choosing.

If you are an online player, we can discuss an entire online tournament or cash session by emailing me your hand history.

Are you an individual or group of beginners looking for “Learn to Play Poker Lessons?”

My students return to the poker table with self confidence, knowledge, winning strategies, and new found techniques.

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  1. Dolly Tucker says:

    TY for lesson this evening at Hotties group. Like to be on your mailing list. Thx.

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