Services Offered

The following coaching services are intended for beginners, casual players and serious amateurs:

  • One-on-one and group poker coaching and instruction – in-person or via the internet/Skype/Facetime/phone.
  • Beginner “Learn to Play Poker Lessons” for individuals or groups.
  • Small group “live poker labs” where students play and interact in simulated play scenarios.   Topics include:
    • No-Limit Hold’em: Starting Hands and Pre-Flop Play (How to avoid difficult situations in the first place)
    • Odds & Outs Made Easy (Is this a profitable situation?)
    • No-Limit Hold’em: Post Flop Strategy (Uh oh, now what?)
    • Size Matters: Understanding the Importance of Stack Sizes (Yes, size really does matter!)
    • No-Limit Hold’em: Short Stack Cash Strategy
    • No-Limit Hold’em: Putting your Opponent on a Range of Hands. (You don’t need a crystal ball.)
    • Head Up Play for No Limit Tournaments
    Play in a private 1/2 No Limit Cash session where all participants agree to play the same style as if they were playing in a live 1/2 No Limit  Cash game on the Las Vegas Strip.  In these sessions the blinds are .01/.02 and participants may buy in for 50-150 big blinds ($1-$3).  These sessions take place online.  At the end of the session, you agree to email me your hand history.   You may then choose to schedule an individual review session and/or participate in a scheduled group review session.  I will review and comment on the play of hands as well as answer questions.
  • Coaching sessions where students email a complete online tournament or cash session hand history and additional questions they have and during the coaching session, I review and comment on their play of each hand as well as answer any questions about that particular game or general play.
  • Hourly rate for individual coaching is $80/hour.
  • Contact me for Group Rates.

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